SAP DevOps

Why SAP DevOps?

Adopt SAP DevOps to deploy SAP changes safer and faster

Business never slows down, and SAP IT teams must move quickly to match the relentless pace of change. Yet, traditional manual SAP change management is slow and inefficient.


SAP DevOps is the answer for timely, reliable, and secure SAP applications and updates. Rev-Trac Platinum seamlessly integrates and orchestrates third-party applications for a unified SAP DevOps approach to optimizing deployments.

Our solution

The SAP DevOps Orchestration Platform

Rev-Trac Platinum enables you to embrace the power of SAP DevOps to deliver reliable and secure applications and enhancements at the speed of business. Integrate and orchestrate all the essential technologies for SAP DevOps success within a single platform, and respond quickly to business requests. .

The power of one

Deliver change rapidly, frequently and safely with an automated end-to-end SAP DevOps toolchain

Eliminate manual effort

Replace risky traditional change methods with consistent and repeatable processes

Maintain system integrity

Accelerate release deployment without compromising production system stability

Better ROI

Rev-Trac enforces the use of all technologies, so none are bypassed, sidelined or shelved

Freedom to innovate

Free up resources for value-add projects, driving innovation and competitive advantage

How it works

The three steps to SAP DevOps success

Step 1: At the core

Step 1: At the core

ABAP is the core of an SAP landscape, so it must be the foundation of the DevOps strategy. Rev-Trac’s transport and change management automation workflow engine acts as the CI/CD for your SAP ABAP layer. The first and most important step is to control the delivery of ABAP change. 

Step 2: Unifying it all

Step 2: Unifying it all

With ABAP change and deployment controls in place, organizations can add non-core (non-ABAP) controls to the deployment layer. General Git/Jenkins type tools, CTS+, and Cloud TMS supported environments can be added to the Rev-Trac workflows to expand the CI/CD capabilities and change management across the entire SAP environment for on-premises, hybrid and Cloud landscapes.

Step 3: Scaling SAP into organization-wide DevOps

Step 3: Scaling SAP into organization-wide DevOps

Use tight integrations with best-of-breed DevOps tools and build them into your workflows. ITSM requirements and incidents, backlog management, code review, code transformation, impact analysis, test data refresh, test management and automation, and environment management can all be integrated into your SAP DevOps platform to guarantee strategic outcomes for an organization wanting to maximize their ROI for all their SAP investment.