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How to master SAP change management

How to master SAP change management

Relying on traditional, manual intensive SAP change management makes it difficult to deliver faster, better and safer SAP applications and enhancements. It also means there are less resources and time to focus on innovation which is crucial for survival in the digital age.

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Rev-Trac fuels Textron’s SAP business transformation

Integrating completely independent brands onto an SAP business information solution is a significant challenge for global conglomerates. Discover how Textron cost-effectively streamlined operations and met stringent compliance requirements with highly automated SAP change management processes.

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How to make agile development work for SAP

How to make agile development work for SAP

Agile development, promising rapid delivery of working software, is increasingly being viewed as crucial in keeping businesses competitive in the digital age. The adoption of agile development and DevOps initiatives for SAP enables the delivery of more frequent releases in a set period or sprint.

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Back to basics: Five types of SAP Changes

Did you know that on average, five change workflows account for well over 80% of SAP change activity? That means SAP IT teams are highly standardized on a small number of workflows, enabling them to process larger volumes of change, at a higher velocity and quality, with fewer resources.

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What you need to know about agile development for SAP

The only constant in today’s business environment is change. Companies that can’t react quickly to ever-changing market demands face an uncertain future. The speed at which your business can respond in the new digital age, increasingly relies on how fast your software can change. The onus is on businesses to deliver applications faster – including SAP applications – to satisfy customer and business demands without delay. The result: agile development is fast becoming top of mind for business owners and CIOs with back-end SAP systems.

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Change Control Automation and the Path to SAP Agility

I recently came across “Digital Transformation and the CIO: A point of view prepared by IBM and SAP”. What stood out in this eBook is the need for SAP IT teams to develop systems, processes, and methodologies to deliver continuous innovation for the business. CIOs see agile as key to fostering innovation. Meaning agility is fast…

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Got A Minute? Announcing Rev-Trac 8.0 Platinum

We are excited to announce a new version of our SAP change control platform – Rev-Trac 8.0 Platinum!

So if you’ve got a minute, take a quick look at this video to see what’s new in Rev-Trac 8.0 Platinum and how it can benefit your business.

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