SAP applications are the lifeblood of your business and speed is the driving force in today’s digital world. Businesses want updates and new functionality in a timely fashion. However, speed can lead to application vulnerabilities, and those potential exploits are a primary attack vector for cyberattacks. 

Have both security and speed! 

How do you stay ahead? Maintaining SAP applications and introducing innovation quickly should not put your business at risk. It’s crucial to find the right balance between efficiency and security.  

DevSecOps is the answer. Incorporating security into your DevOps strategy allows you to strike a balance between rapid development and robust security. 

Together, Turnkey Consulting and Rev-Trac solve the challenges of delivering secure SAP applications updates.  

Want to know more? Watch the DevSecOps solution for SAP to discover: 

  • How to secure your productive SAP systems without compromising agility 
  • A Turnkey DevSecOps solution that leverages Rev-Trac as the SAP DevOps solution and builds security practices into the ALM process 

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