You’ve migrated to S/4HANA, transformed business processes, and perhaps launched new business models. Now you can sit back, relax, and take it easy – once the Hypercare period is over. At least until the next new project, S/4HANA upgrade, or M&A activity. And, of course, you have the typical business as usual SAP changes that still need managing.

So, as they say, “the only constant is change”, and you’ll have plenty of SAP changes to deal with in your newly digitally transformed organization. How are you going to handle them?

Rev-Trac and your post-transformation environment

If you used Rev-Trac to manage SAP changes during your transformation, adapting to your new ‘normal’ whether on-premises, in the Cloud, or a mixed hybrid environment, is straightforward.

With Rev-Trac, you get a complete audit trail of all your SAP changes. From the beginning of the SAP transformation, changes are tracked, documented, and verified using a WRICEF or similar methodology. At the same time, your team will have a tremendous internal working knowledge of how Rev-Trac can be used to safely manage all your SAP changes, including SAP BTP, CPI, and standard ABAP-based changes.

To ensure an efficient post-transition environment, you simply create a few new Rev-Trac workflows to support any new SAP change management process requirements. You can also integrate Rev-Trac with your ITSM, code checking, impact analysis, or SAP testing solutions to build an end-to-end DevOps toolchain to deliver high-quality SAP applications at the speed of business. 

Automate SAP change!

Didn’t use Rev-Trac to assist in your migration to S/4HANA? You can still deploy Rev-Trac to automate your SAP changes post-transformation. Rev-Trac’s automated SAP change management platform combines essential capabilities that make the transition easy. Rev-Trac can:

  • Go “back in time” to create a history of your SAP transport activity. This ensures that new SAP changes made with Rev-Trac are aware of potentially dangerous abandoned ABAP or configuration changes, preventing accidental overwrites and code downgrades.
  • Support your “work in progress” changes by easily converting them into Rev-Trac changes so that the cutover is smooth and risk-free.
  • Be non-disruptive to your current SAP change management processes so that it can be installed, configured, and rolled out without impacting existing operations.

Of course, the next big SAP project is probably right around the corner. For example, it could be a S/4HANA upgrade or a large internal project. In this scenario, Rev-Trac automated cloning (i.e., retrofit) can be used to keep your N and N+1 environments in sync throughout the project lifecycle.

Whatever your size or industry, post-digital transformation is a good time to consider how you can simplify SAP change and deliver faster, safer, and better applications. Automation massively reduces the time and effort to deploy updates and enhancements with a much higher quality which doesn’t cause production issues.

If you want more information on how Rev-Trac can help to simplify and accelerate your digital transformation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.