In our last blog, we talked about SAP cybersecurity and transport security. Continuing with this theme, I want to discuss the ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) and its role in securing custom code.

Previously, I have written about SAP DevOps toolchaining and ATC – which has been around for many years – is also part of the DevOps conversation.

However, today I’ll be considering security from the perspective of ensuring the code that enters your SAP systems has passed appropriate testing and reviews using code inspector or ATC check variants.

This essential checking of ABAP code ensures your systems’ security and stability, minimizing disruptions to daily business operations.

As the SAP world continues to evolve, the ABAP Test Cockpit is a practical tool to understand and spend some time using to smooth the migration of SAP changes to production and enhance the ROI of your SAP investment.

What is ATC?

The ABAP Test Cockpit is an ABAP check toolset that allows you to run static checks and unit tests for your ABAP programs.

ATC in action

ATC ABAP Test Cockpit

Why use the ABAP Test Cockpit?

Quality assurance is critical when you consider the volume of ABAP code organizations develop and the possibility of bugs within an SAP application impacting essential business processes.

There are many benefits to using ATC, and these include:

  • ABAP Test Cockpit is SAP’s toolset for central management of ABAP quality checks
  • ATC is based on the SAP Code Inspector engine, so all SCI checks and variants can be reused. ATC will automatically use SCI+ instead of standard SCI if SCI+ has been implemented
  • Mandatory enforcement of a quality gateway
  • All check results are available via a central reporting mechanism which has filters and aggregations
  • The toolset has a robust process for managing exemptions and exceptions
  • Single point of entry for all static code check tools
  • Integration in ABAP development workbench with high usability for developers and quality experts
  • Support essential QA techniques like Q-Gates and regression testing in a consolidation system
  • Transport control via check-runs before transport
  • Exemption process to handle findings effectively
  • Prioritization of automated test-cases

Automate ATC with Rev-Trac!

Rev-Trac Platinum 8.2.2 allows out-of-the-box integration with advanced SAP toolsets, including ABAP Test Cockpit and Code Inspector.

This integration enforces the ATC’s use at the appropriate time in the process, ensuring only the highest quality ABAP code is delivered to your SAP systems.

To save effort, Rev-Trac automatically sends the code to ABAP Test Cockpit if it has been configured. The next step can be auto approved if the tests and checks executed are cleared. At the same time, the custom code is auto rejected if it fails the checks.

System requirements
The ABAP Test Cockpit is already available with EhP2 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 support package stack 12 (SAP Basis 7.02, SAP Kernel 7.20) and EhP3 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 support package stack 5 (SAP Basis 7.31, SAP Kernel 7.20).

For more information about how ATC and Rev-Trac work together as a solution, please reach out to