Simple support from the SAP GUI

ITSM Connector for SAP Applications

Create support tickets from the SAP GUI and speed up issue resolution! 

Eliminate logging of duplicate incidents, false errors, poor ticket quality, and unnecessary manual effort. With ITSM Connector for SAP Applications, you can quickly resolve issues and reduce interruptions to your business operations. 

ITSM Connector: The How!

Simplify ticket creation and incident management  

Create tickets from the SAP GUI

SAP users can create tickets with a few clicks from the screen where errors occur

Automatic data collection

All relevant SAP details, screenshots, authorization reports, job logs etc, are attached

Automated categorization and routing

Set Support group or ticket field to values based on the SAP system, module, or transaction code

Easy management of duplicate incidents

Notify SAP users of similar tickets submitted recently

Why integrate ITSM Connector with Rev-Trac?

Faster problem solving

Faster problem solving

Capture diagnostic data automatically for rapid issue resolution, reducing production downtime with Rev-Trac's automated deployment.

Enhance DevOps

Enhance DevOps

Users can generate tickets from SAP change requests in platforms such as Jira, ServiceNow, Rev-Trac, Solution Manager, etc

ITSM Connector

Test failure rejection

Using Rev-Trac – ITSM Connector in agile development, defects can be addressed instantly after QA migration, not waiting for the next sprint.

ITSM Connector: The How!

SAP certified integration

ABAP add-on certified to connect with SAP ERP solutions

Seamless ITSM workflows

Integrate with IT Service Management tools like ServiceNow, Jira, and more

Key user concept

Allow only experienced SAP users to create tickets in your ITSM tools

Integrated Knowledge Base search

Display relevant Knowledge Base articles in SAP GUI

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