Market researchers, Grand View Research, expect the global DevOps market size to hit US$12.85 billion by 2025. Why is DevOps booming when the methodology has been around for many years?

In the SAP world, at least, organizations of all types are recognizing how crucial DevOps is to keep pace with competitors and achieve business objectives.

Let’s consider Rev-Trac customers, a recent survey revealed that 67% of our customers are likely to deploy DevOps initiatives. They want to streamline their software development lifecycle to deliver better software faster.

However, that’s not the only reason why SAP DevOps and the integration of ALM tools have become top of mind for organizations. Deploying DevOps initiatives and integrating solution across an SAP application’s lifecycle can help you to:

  • Respond quickly to constant changes in business demand
  • Release faster and work smarter
  • Massively reduce development costs; and
  • Focus on innovation and not just keep the light on.

The fundamental objective of DevOps is to enable businesses to become more agile, allowing the continuous build, test and deployment of SAP change to increase velocity while ensuring quality. DevOps speeds up the development process allowing you to serve your customers seamlessly and comprehensively and ultimately maintain a competitive advantage.

How can Rev-Trac help?

When DevOps methodologies are implemented into the SAP environment, you can expect a significant transformation in your business setup and operations. An innovative smart work culture flourishes, encouraging collaboration between the development and operation teams in designing and deploying code.

From the beginning, Rev-Trac has incorporated features and functionality that support SAP DevOps. More recently, the focus has been on Rev-Trac as the orchestration engine for a unified DevOps platform, supporting the automated delivery of SAP change across the lifecycle of an application.

A DevOps platform aims to connect siloed tools, creating an end-to-end, fully automated, continuous build, test, and deploy change process. Building the platform can be both complex and challenging as it involves multiple types of integrations, including:

  • Data synchronization – Helps to reduce manual rekeying effort and errors
  • Hand Off – Pass information to another tool and await an outcome that may impact status or ability to approve (testing, ATC, Security and Code analysis)
  • Shift Left – Find information as early as possible and provide it to developers as part of the workflow process

Rev-Trac Platinum helps you overcome business and process challenges by bi-directionally integrating with ALM tools for a unified approach enabling more SAP change, more frequently at lower costs.

Rev-Trac_DevOps Toolchain

With a Rev-Trac end-to-end automated DevOps process, all tools involved are automatically called at just the right time, no solution is left behind or sits on the shelf.

In our experience, customers often tell us that a tool was purchased for a specific project or purpose and never used again. Purchases like this impact the business in many ways including:

  • Valuable tools not being used to benefit the organization
  • Cost of tools of purchased compared to use

However, when these tools are integrated into an end-to-end Rev-Trac DevOps automated change control and transport management strategy, this never happens again.

Rev-Trac guarantees that the integrated tools are utilized, ensuring technologies are not bypassed, sidelined, or eventually shelved, resulting in a better ROI for your business.

Rev-Trac Dev-Ops orchestration

To learn more about how Rev-Trac can automate and orchestrate your journey to SAP DevOps, watch out for the rest of the blogs in this series. Topics include:

  • Demand generation (Jira and ITSM tools)
  • DevSecOps
  • DevTestOps
  • Change Control – the OPS
  • SI value in providing DevOps for customers

If you want to discuss how Rev-Trac Platinum or our consultants can assist in your organization’s SAP DevOps initiatives, please feel free to contact our SAP change management experts.