Those of us that work in the SAP ALM and DevOps space know what’s important is keeping SAP Production systems up and running and enabling organizations to maximize the ROI of their SAP investment.

There can be hundreds of HelpDesk tickets created each day for some organizations. A non-SAP expert sifting through tickets and working out how to allocate workload can take unnecessary time and effort.

More time and effort are required to diagnose, reproduce and resolve the issue once the ticket is confirmed as an SAP issue and assigned to a developer for resolution. All this effort impacts an organization’s ability to work effectively and efficiently.

ITSM Connector helps organizations by automatically generating tickets and providing vital technical information to developers for rapid diagnosis of Production issues.

When integrated with Rev-Trac, organizations can report Production issues with an ITSM tool or directly into Rev-Trac.

In our experience, we have noticed two high-level approaches to using an ITSM solution to help manage SAP environments:

  1. Incident + Requirement/Defect model: In this scenario, every SAP change tends to start and end its journey in the ITSM tool, and the organization prioritizes an understanding of tracking issues.
  2. Change Control model: In this scenario, an organization uses the ITSM tool to control changes introduced into Production. Typically, the change is already in motion and ready for Change Advisory Board approval into the Production system when it reaches the ITSM tool.

For organizations using the Incident + Requirement/Defect model in their ITSM tool and wish to continue tracking SAP incidents, we recommend:

  • Production users report issue with ITSM Connector. This generates incidents in the ITSM tool.
  • ITSM Connector will assist in collating common incidents to easily assist Help Desk operators where to focus their attention (A, B, C).
  • Help Desk operators will create a requirement or defect to progress the issue.
  • When the Requirement or Defect reaches an appropriate status, a Rev-Trac request is automatically created.
  • The Developers have access to the diagnostic information that was gathered by ITSM Connector in step 1.
  • Rev-Trac safely delivers the change across the SAP landscape.

For organizations that use Change focused ITSM, we recommend:

  • Production users report issue with ITSM Connector. This generates a Rev-Trac request.
  • Rev-Trac safely delivers the change across the SAP landscape.
  • Before a Rev-Trac change is sent to production an ITSM Change ticket is automatically created and awaits approval.
  • Once the approval is given on the ITSM Change ticket the Rev-Trac request continues to deliver the change to production.

The Rev-Trac ITSM Connector integration provides exceptionally high value for organizations that use the change control model. It allows direct Rev-Trac ticket creation directly from the Production instance. So, the SAP team can control and handle the response without waiting for the ITSM HelpDesk team to analyze and escalate the issue.

For more information feel free to reach out to one of our SAP change management experts.