In this third blog of the series, we will explore the use case for ITSM Connector from the perspective of testing and QA.

Rev-Trac’s core capabilities assist organizations in improving the volume, velocity, and quality of delivering SAP change to Production. The more changes an organization can handle, the better market response, greater efficiencies, and ultimately the best opportunities for the business to perform. However, this is undermined if the quality or velocity of these SAP changes prevents the organization from adopting change.

When you consider the delivery of SAP changes, there are several ways to improve the volume, velocity, and quality of change. However, in most cases, you create a predictable and repeatable process that automates as many steps as possible while shifting left.  The goal of shifting left is to put as much information in front of the right people as early as possible using best of breed tools.

Why you should integrate Rev-Trac and ITSM Connector

We’ve touched on the benefits of using the Rev-Trac ITSM Connector integration from a Production instance in a previous blog. Yet, the use case for QA is just as valuable.

Test teams often discover issues during the testing phase. So, it’s up to them to explain errors and reproduce problems for developers.

However, recreating issues comes with a cost. In the worst case, a lengthy process delays change delivery in an environment where developers often juggle conflicting priorities. New applications and enhancements are held up because the more time it takes to fix a problem, the less work developers can handle.

With a Rev-Trac – ITSM Connector integration, the testing team can automatically bundle diagnostic information from a QA system and attach it to an existing Rev-Trac request. At the same time, they reject the Rev-Trac Request’s test status marking it as ‘Testing Failed,’ and the developer is notified that the change needs a revision.

The developer receives a workflow email with the Rev-Trac Request containing the necessary information to understand why the defect occurs. Meaning a developer can start immediately on a fix. As a result: high-quality SAP changes are delivered more quickly, allowing organizations to increase their change volume with total confidence. Businesses realize a rapid ROI and go-to-market advantages.

For more information about a Rev-Trac – ITSM Connector integration, please visit our website, or contact one of our in-house experts.