In a fast-paced business world, DevOps must be front of mind for SAP organizations. In our experience, the first step on the DevOps ladder is implementing an SAP change management automation strategy to act as the orchestration layer to deliver fast, consistent change without error.

We have seen more recently that Rev-Trac customers often look to take their DevOps initiatives to the next level. Adopting automation and the concept of ‘shifting left’ to enable DevOps further.

Integrating best of breed tools is crucial to building a unified and automated DevOps platform. With integration, an enforced process ensures the right tool is called at the right time during the delivery of changes.

On the other hand, shifting left emphasizes putting more information into the hands of the entire SAP DevOps team as early as possible. In doing this SAP IT teams can make decisions to reduce risk, minimize rework, and automate the required steps to improve SAP change quality earlier.

That’s why we have partnered with STA Consulting to create an integration between Rev-Trac and ITSM Connector. Integrating the tools enables high-valued diagnostic data to be collected where the issue occurs and reverts the information to developers to assist with a quick fix.

Rev-Trac – ITSM Connector integration: what you need to know

The integration enables both automation through instant ticket creation directly from an SAP or Rev-Trac screen and shifting left by providing valuable information very early in the development process. This highly automated and intuitive process eliminates countless hours of back-and-forth between the issue creator and the person or team responsible for troubleshooting and resolving the issue.

When the objective is to resolve production issues as quickly as possible, it is essential that:

  • Production users have a simple and easy way to report issues without having to become technical experts or spend hours with HelpDesk personnel to help diagnose an issue
  • Tickets are automatically created in the correct system, and the right people are being drawn to the issue for a rapid resolution
  • Developers are provided with the best possible information to diagnose, reproduce and resolve the issues that the Production users are facing

Combining Rev-Trac with ITSM Connector provides an organization with a best of breed approach to enhancing SAP DevOps automation and maximizing Production uptime.

For more information, you can visit our website, or contact us for a quick demonstration.