Revelation Software Concepts (RSC), an SAP® software partner, has launched a new era for Rev-Trac. This rebrand has transformed our market-leading SAP change control automation platform to reinvent how companies manage SAP change.

Rev-Trac has undergone an evolution to clearly align the software with the constantly changing demands of the digital age. As part of the transformation, the flagship product is being rebranded Rev-Trac Platinum, while its change intelligence software, SALT, is being launched as Rev-Trac Insights.

Rev-Trac Platinum automates and enforces all your SAP change control processes and tasks to deliver faster, safer and better applications, accelerating business transformation to keep pace in a digital world. The fully integrated change control platform facilitates the adoption of agile and SAP DevOps to improve productivity and increase transparency across the lifecycle of SAP applications.

Rev-Trac Insights provides real-time visibility into the custom code changes across SAP landscapes, enabling SAP IT teams to act on important information to avoid potentially costly, unscheduled downtime. The application suite reveals areas where problems might occur, so decisions can be made based on fact, not guesswork.

Rev-Trac Insights is available as a standalone product and is also integrated into Rev-Trac Platinum, to accelerate the continuous delivery of SAP change and drive innovation of new applications and services.

Rick Porter, Vice President of Business Development at Rev-Trac, said the long-term vison was to continue to advance its SAP change control automation software products to meet SAP IT teams’ goals and accelerate business transformation.

“Many SAP IT teams struggle to identify relevant automation software that can make a real difference to their organization’s transformation journey,” said Mr Porter. “Rev-Trac’s software provides the automation, enforcement, visibility and safety accelerated SAP development needs to ensure quality remains high and systems outages are avoided. Rev-Trac is one of those solutions that can make a real difference, and very quickly.”

RSC Rebrand

Rev-Trac’s evolution is part of RSC’s company-wide rebrand to focus on the development of innovative software to transform market sectors and accelerate social change.

The change control automation technologies embodied RSC’s vision to develop innovative software solutions that delivered lasting value to the people, organizations and communities they served.

RSC unveiled its rebrand and evolution of the Rev-Trac solution at SAPPHIRENOW + ASUG 2018, the world’s premier business technology event and largest SAP customer-run conference.