Revelation Software Concepts reinvents its change control automation platform to accelerate DevOps delivery

New features in Rev-Trac 8.0 Platinum deliver best-in-class SAP change control to facilitate SAP agile, enabling organizations to react quickly to changes in business demand

MELBOURNE, Australia, August 9, 2018 – Revelation Software Concepts (RSC) an SAP® software partner, today launched Rev-Trac 8.0 Platinum. Businesses can utilize the software to streamline their SAP enhancements and application delivery process while minimising risk to production systems.

Rev-Trac Platinum introduces new changes to RSC’s flagship change control automation platform that dramatically cut operational costs and support agile development and DevOps for SAP. The significant enhancements give business the controls for more effective and safer, accelerated development and delivery.

Rick Porter, Vice President of Business Development at Rev-Trac, said there was an increased market demand for technology that massively reduced the time and effort to achieve SAP agile delivery and innovate faster.

“The automation and enforcement of a robust change control process is crucial for organizations to facilitate agile methodologies and realize a business’s DevOps goals,” Mr Porter said. “Among a range of other enhancements, Rev-Trac 8.0 Platinum provides the improved parallel development and agile support functionalities, and advanced safety features SAP IT teams require to manage and control rapid deployments, accelerating digital transformation.”

Safety first

With SAP IT teams – depending on size – making up to 1,000 changes per month, innovative safety capabilities are a necessity to avoid a systems outage.

Rev-Trac Platinum’s Peripheral Object Dependency System (PODS) delivers the precise levels of control and safety businesses need to keep pace in today’s digital world. PODS identifies dependent objects before a transport migration, ensuring the correct objects exist in the target system or are included for selection, for total system integrity and quality assurance.

Further control is delivered through the new Code Impact Scoring System (CISS) that determines the risk associated with a SAP change and the subsequent test effort. CISS uses statistics to provide a score rating the impact of a SAP change, informing SAP IT teams of affected transactions that need to be tested and how critical the testing function might be. This enables change acceleration decisions to be made more accurately.

Advanced support for agile development

To speed up application delivery and organize work into manageable chunks that cross-functional teams can complete within a definite period, Rev-Trac Platinum integrates Agile Workbench. The fully automated, agile board helps SAP IT development teams to better manage change across their SAP landscape, increasing the speed and velocity of change delivery. A burndown chart provides project team members, managers and business owners with an easily understandable view of work progress, tracking work completed against time allowed.

Additional capabilities to reinvent a business’s SAP application development process and ensure continuous delivery of high quality changes include:

  • Release level locking to allow parallel development on multiple change requests in the same release, enabling businesses to pursue agile and DevOps methodologies in their SAP environments
  • Direct and project-specific controls for locking helps SAP IT teams to prioritize work on common objects, minimizing project delays and improving resource allocation.

Automate your journey to DevOps

Rev-Trac Platinum provides the means to make SAP agile development and DevOps more effective, replacing high-risk tasks with automated tools and processes for faster, safer and better applications.

The powerful and flexible software includes new enhancements and existing functionality to improve productivity, increase business agility and remove siloed application development. These include:

  • Reimagined Web UI and UX dashboards for an improved user experience
  • Automatically orchestrate end-to-end processes and ALM tool chaining to facilitate agile development and DevOps
  • Support for native HANA objects including database changes and non-ABAP objects
  • Automate and enforce Eclipse and GIT changes via Rev-Trac 8.0 Platinum’s interactive Web UI.

Rev-Trac Platinum is available now. For more information visit here, or request a call with one of our Rev-Trac experts who will answer any questions you may have.

About Rev-Trac

A Revelation Software Concepts solution that enables organizations to increase business agility and accelerate transformation in a fast-paced digital economy. The market-leading SAP change control automation products – Rev-Trac 8.0 Platinum and Rev-Trac Insights – help reduce the risk and lower the costs of managing and delivering changes in SAP software across ALM and DevOps platforms.

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