Like many organizations, Target has undergone an evolution from waterfall-based SAP development and change management processes to a lean-agile approach.

The cultural transformation meant an organizational shift for the IT department to accountable, autonomous product-focused teams.

Consequently, Target can efficiently align resources to prioritize work. This set-up enables it to create, test and manage SAP changes through the entire lifecycle, allowing a rapid sprint-based approach.

To meet the challenges of the massive shift to SAP agile and DevOps, the retail giant took advantage of automation technology. Rev-Trac – an automated SAP change management platform – is one of the technologies Target employed.

Rev-Trac’s mature and flexible architecture automatically orchestrates an end-to-end SAP DevOps toolchain, eliminating organizational silos and allowing cross-team collaboration.

Watch this webinar for valuable insight into how Target used automation and integration to shift to agile SAP development.

  • The role of automation in Target’s SAP agile development transformation
  • How Rev-Trac orchestrates the journey to SAP DevOps
  • Why the automated integration with complementary SAP tools is critical for SAP DevOps success

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