Automating and simplifying SAP change management by integrating ITSM solutions, code inspection technologies, testing tools and other similar applications, is a top priority for SAP users. These integrations are critical to the continuous delivery of SAP change across an application’s lifecycle.

However, unifying tools does not come without its challenges. Just like you need to construct a house on solid ground, you need to build your integrations on stable and secure technology foundations.

The issue is how you integrate solutions into your SAP change management process. Organizations have traditionally used Web services to build the integrations, but this method can expose the linked technologies to costly security vulnerabilities.

Using REST APIs instead of Web services provides the stability and security required to gain all the benefits of continuous delivery.

Watch this webinar for valuable insight into integrating automated tools using secure REST APIs to deliver new apps faster and more frequently without breaking production.

  • Understand the role of REST APIs in the continuous delivery of SAP change
  • Learn why REST API integrations are more secure than Web-services integrations
  • Get an overview of Rev-Trac’s secure REST API architecture and capabilities
  • Discover how Rev-Trac’s REST API integrations assist in achieving continuous delivery objectives

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