Prevent SAP cyber-attacks and transport security vulnerabilities!

Are you under pressure to ensure SAP security across all of your SAP applications?

Learn what’s new in SAP cybersecurity and how to protect your SAP transports.

  • Taking a holistic approach to SAP cybersecurity
  • A brief introduction to NIST CIS and CMMC frameworks
  • How NIST CIS and CMMC frameworks apply to SAP cybersecurity
  • Key cybersecurity threats to your SAP environment
  • Risk management for SAP cybersecurity
  • How to get started
  • Securing SAP transports with a structured, standardized change control process
  • Securing SAP development with automated code checking and error checking
  • Improving SAP audits with detailed change history logs and reports
  • Rev-Trac’s highly secure development and operations processes

Avoid the dangers now!

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