In an era where cyberattacks are evolving rapidly, safeguarding your SAP systems is not just an option – but mission critical. But how do you identify and protect your business-critical systems against exploits used by attackers? 
Discover how Onapis, a global leader in vulnerability management in SAP and their partner solution, Rev-Trac, the SAP DevOps platform, can provide comprehensive protection for your SAP environment. 
Watch this webinar, “Managing vulnerability within an SAP landscape”, for a real-world example of how a major municipality uses both solutions for better vulnerability management in the SAP application development lifecycle. 
Join Dan McGrann, Sales Director for Rev-Trac, and Aleck Brailsford, Onapsis VP in charge of Solution Engineering, as they discuss how to secure your SAP systems and ensure they stay secure. 

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • How the City of San Diego has enhanced and accelerated SAP change management without compromising on security  
  • The importance of a good governance process in SAP application development 
  • How the Onapsis Control and Rev-Trac integration works seamlessly to protect against vulnerabilities 
  • To balance agility with security – so you can migrate code quickly and securely without risking Production ,

On-demand webinar

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