SAP IT teams are under increasing pressure to deliver more high-quality applications faster than ever before without breaking production. SAP DevOps is widely considered the remedy to the problem.

Yet, few organizations have adopted technology, which can increase the likelihood of SAP DevOps success. SAP change management and testing automation is a crucial DevOps enabler and allows SAP IT teams to react quickly to a dynamic marketplace.

Organizations that continue to develop SAP applications with traditional siloed, disconnected manual systems, and processes limit successful outcomes from their DevOps program.

DevOps success relies on an approach that combines automation, enforcement, and the integration of SAP change management and testing processes for rapid low-risk high-quality applications and enhancements.

Watch this 40-minute webinar for valuable insight and practical advice on how automation enables a speed with safety approach to minimize downtime and achieve your DevOps goals.

  • The critical elements of an SAP DevOps strategy
  • How automation can fast-track your SAP DevOps goals
  • Why an integrated build test deploy platform is crucial

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