Today, SAP IT teams are under increasing pressure to simplify payroll management and ensure employees are paid accurately and on time. SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll (ECP) is increasingly considered a solution to the problem.The SAP-hosted Cloud solution provides the safety, scale and flexibility businesses need to streamline payroll management and meet stringent data privacy rules and regulations. Yet, adopting the technology also comes with inherent risks that threaten system stability and compliance of business processes and procedures.SAP is responsible for managing and protecting your data from accidental loss and external threats. However, organizations can customize their ECP environment and deploy changes across ECP landscapes. And, SAP change, even the simplest is risky.Businesses that rely on SMTS to manage ECP change, risk production system stability and limit the advantage of moving payroll to the Cloud.Reducing payroll errors and ensuring compliance depends on eliminating error-prone manual effort and automating your SAP ECP change management processes.Watch this webinar for valuable insight into how to manage SAP ECP change quickly and safely with automation.● The typical elements of SAP ECP architecture ● What the challenges and risks of managing SAP ECP changes are ● Why Rev-Trac’s certified change management solution for ECP is the ‘perfect fit’ ● How SAP customers are managing ECP changes with Rev-Trac
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