Streamline SAP DevOps with Rev-Trac Platinum: scale SAP into organization-wide DevOps

Is SAP DevOps possible? The simple answer is yes. There are challenges – extensive customization, siloed tools and development, and risky manual SAP change management processes. However, with Rev-Trac Platinum, the SAP DevOps Orchestration Platform, you can achieve SAP DevOps objectives and accelerate the rapid deployment of high-quality releases.  

There are three critical steps to SAP DevOps success with Rev-Trac Platinum. In the previous two blogs, I examined the pivotal roles of ABAP and non-ABAP controls in creating a robust SAP DevOps orchestration platform. You can check them out here and here.

In this final blog of a three-part series on integrating DevOps into your SAP landscape, I will spotlight how to scale your unified SAP DevOps strategy across your organization through consistent and predictable automation of third-party applications.

What you will learn: 

  • How organizations can build a unified SAP DevOps platform 
  • Why the integration of existing legacy toolsets is critical for SAP DevOps success 
  • How Rev-Trac Platinum integrates and orchestrates tools and applications to scale your SAP DevOps strategy organization-wide 

Expand your unified SAP DevOps platform: Integrate top-tier toolsets 

With ABAP and non-ABAP change under control, you’ve established an SAP DevOps orchestration platform capable of creating a unified SAP DevOps strategy to deliver on your DevOps objectives. It’s crucial to scale the platform’s capabilities beyond your SAP environment to ensure your DevOps strategy encompasses your organization.  

How can you achieve this? Consolidating legacy toolsets into your SAP DevOps platform is critical to success. Rev-Trac Platinum bi-directionally integrates with top-tier ALM and DevOps toolsets, including ServiceNow, Jira, and Tricentis LiveCompare and Tosca. ITSM Requirements and Incidents, Backlog Management, Code Review, Code Transformation, Impact Analysis, Test Data Refresh, Test Management and Test Automation, and Environment Management can all be consolidated into your SAP DevOps workflow. 

Integrating these tools allows you to align your SAP DevOps strategy with broader organizational objectives. As a result, you can streamline operations, enhance control, and ultimately maximize the ROI for your SAP investment.  

Build an integrated multi-application toolchain 

Taking your SAP DevOps strategy to the next level requires moving beyond an SAP-centric process. Consolidating any API or ABAP-based application into your workflows allows you to create an integrated multi-application toolchain that extends your unified SAP DevOps strategy organization-wide through consistent and predictable automation of third-party applications.  

In this instance, Rev-Trac Platinum is the centralized point of control for the integrated toolchain, automating and orchestrating a low-risk, unified approach to SAP DevOps initiatives. Each tool and application in the toolchain aligns with your overarching SAP DevOps strategy, ensuring seamless operations across your organization, regardless of the platforms or applications in use.  

Realize the full potential of your organization-wide SAP DevOps strategy  

With your SAP DevOps Orchestration Platform, non-ABAP controls, and third-party integrations all working together, your unified SAP DevOps strategy is consistent, predictable, and efficient organization-wide. The comprehensive approach ensures you’re leveraging every tool, platform, and application to its full potential; all in service of your broader operational objectives.

Bottom Line 

In this three-part blog series – Integrating DevOps in your SAP landscape – I have detailed how to use Rev-Trac Platinum for SAP DevOps success. The journey involves: 

  • Positioning ABAP as the core of your DevOps strategy 
  • Integrating non-ABAP controls into your SAP change management workflows  
    • Orchestrate and integrated toolchain to scale your unified SAP DevOps strategy organization-wide

Each of the three steps highlighted is critical to ensuring your organization is well-equipped to deliver on its SAP DevOps objectives. Following the steps transforms Rev-Trac Platinum into a comprehensive DevOps orchestration platform that enhances agility and maximizes your SAP investment while promoting a culture of rapid and safe delivery of SAP changes.