Seamless S/4HANA digital transformation and support with Rev-Trac Platinum 8.3.3

A digital transformation is commonly associated with an S/4HANA migration in the SAP world. SAP has extended the deadline for a shift to S/4HANA until 2027. Yet a digital transformation is becoming top of mind for many SAP-using organizations if they haven’t started already.

For organizations preparing for and performing a digital transformation toward using S/4HANA or utilizing newer technologies like the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), one thing is crucial for success. They must deploy suitable processes and solutions at all stages to ensure that adopting new systems and technologies is as simple and risk-free as possible.

This is where our newest release, Rev-Trac Platinum 8.3.3, can be of benefit. The latest version of our flagship SAP DevOps Platform focuses on two critical areas for the new SAP landscape:

  • S/4HANA readiness checks
  • Support for CloudTMS

SAP S/4Readiness Check – How Rev-Trac can help

Consider a Brownfield approach to the digital S/4HANA transformation. According to analysts, adopting a Brownfield approach to your transition is the most economical method and allows organizations to start realizing benefits without redesigning their entire ERP from scratch.

Organizations can expect to keep approximately 40% of their custom code during the transformation. Interestingly, custom code is the code they are likely to change the most in the years leading up to commencing a digital transformation.

To meet the challenge, Rev-Trac Platinum 8.3.3 includes enhanced integration with the ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) for a highly automated approach to ongoing S/4 readiness checks.

Phase 1 – Preparation

Suppose organizations start preparing custom code for a Brownfield transition early in process by making minor improvements during Business as Usual (BAU) changes leading up to the migration, with the aim to modernize by the time the shift is undertaken.

In this scenario, there is an excellent opportunity to:

  • Have fully compatible code in support of SAP Clean/Lean core requirements
  • Decrease the cost of the Brownfield transformation
  • Improve the likelihood of a successful Brownfield transformation

To enhance the cleansing and preparation of custom code, we suggest beginning with a light touch and ramping up the severity for compliant S/4 readiness checks as you approach your Brownfield digital transformation. Rev-Trac’s integration with the ATC also adds value to Greenfield, Bluefield or Hybrid digital transformations in similar ways to a Brownfield approach.

Phase 2 – during the Digital Transformation

You can use Rev-Trac’s cloning capabilities to synchronize changes between the live ECC system and in-progress S/4HANA systems during a digital transformation (Brownfield or Bluefield/Hybrid).

The ATC integration leveraging the S/4 HANA readiness check determines outcomes for the cloned change, identifying which objects should be retrofitted or are incompatible and should, therefore be dropped from retrofit. It helps you to establish if the code:

  • Is fully compatible and can be retrofitted
  • Is incompatible and is automatically dropped
  • Is incompatible and can be sent across for local adjustment within the S/4 systems

Here, we advise you to use the S/4HANA readiness check in the ECC DEV system to:

  • Allow developers to correct the change before releasing the transports
  • Determine suitability of the clone for retrofit

If you are considering a Greenfield Digital Transformation, Rev-Trac can help you achieve your objectives. Organizations adopting a Greenfield approach start with a blank slate.

The first step is to quantify the (custom) requirements for applications to be adopted, capturing the capabilities using WRICEF’s or similar requirements tracking, for example. Then you create a Rev-Trac Request for each one. The requests are transparent and known, so you can easily track the history and reason for every modification from the creation of the system while accelerating the build of the S/4HANA system.

Business Technology Platform Support with CloudTMS

As organizations start to leverage the modern code base of an SAP S/4HANA system, it is recommended to keep a clean/lean core for rapid and low-impact upgrades to the S/4HANA ABAP stack. SAP has built the Business Technology Platform (BTP) to extend and enhance the SAP customer experience.

We expect customers to develop in both the ABAP stack and the BTP environment, allowing for a complete and robust UX.

Rev-Trac 8.3.3 now introduces support for managing Cloud transports through SAP CloudTMS. 

What does this mean?

Rev-Trac can be used to control the entire SAP transport landscape, including legacy systems from the SAP Business Suite such as ECC, BW, PI as well as modern landscape applications such as S/4 HANA and BTP applications. It is the single source of truth for all SAP changes.

We are committed to enhancing and enriching the support for SAP CloudTMS in upcoming Platinum releases.

The new update incorporates new functionality to enhance digital transformations, but Rev-Trac still works great for managing change in your ECC systems, mixed landscapes (ECC & S/4HANA) or S/4HANA environment.

Contact one of our in-house experts to learn more about our new release, Rev-Trac Platinum 8.3.3.

Are you a Rev-Trac Customer? Upgrade to get the new features

Rev-Trac Platinum 8.3.3 is now available for download from the Rev-Trac support portal. (If you don’t have access to the support portal, please see your organization’s Rev-Trac Administrator or email