Purchasing the right software for your organization is a challenge. Will the software fit into the current IT infrastructure landscape? Will the outcomes promised be delivered? What are the critical support guarantees the vendor offers? And, the big one – what is the cost?

We have just announced new subscription pricing for Rev-Trac Platinum to offer greater flexibility to our customers. For significantly reduced upfront costs,  SAP IT teams can have access to our premium automated SAP change management platform – Rev-Trac 8.1 platinum.

Why subscription pricing?

Perpetual licenses can be hard to justify, particularly for smaller SAP using organizations. With a subscription, you can more easily prove expected outcomes and ROI of the software without irreversible, hefty upfront costs.

By shifting the outlay from a capital expense (CapEx) to an operational expense (OpEx) and getting costs under control, you can focus on innovation and meeting business demands.

When can you take advantage?

The subscription plan is available to all new customers and is SAP System ID (SID) based. Customers are not locked into a solution so you can scale up and down in line with changes in your SAP infrastructure. Businesses can start with a limited scope installation, expand if successful and cancel if not.

For more information about the new subscription pricing model, request a call with one of our Rev-Trac experts.