Today, SAP IT teams are under pressure to achieve better SAP change management outcomes.

SAP IT teams have to deal with faster change cycles and higher changes volumes just to keep pace in today’s digital world.

Despite the challenges, it is possible to dramatically boost SAP change management outcomes.

Here at Rev-Trac, we have been helping organizations simplify SAP change control through the use of automation for more than 20 years.

Over the years, speaking with SAP IT teams, we have identified a number of areas as opportunities for growth that are common, and these include:

Improved OutcomeMeasurementImpact
Change VelocityDelivering changes to the business at a faster paceFaster time-to-value for required changes leading to improved business value from your SAP solutions
Change VolumeDelivering more SAP changes in a given timeAbility to deliver more frequent SAP projects/releases to the business to meet rapidly changing market demands
Change QualityReduced number of downstream fixesShifting testing to the left streamlines the QA process, reduces expensive rework and increases user satisfaction
Reduced Effort/CostCost of SAP change managementAbility to shift IT spend from routine SAP change management to SAP innovation projects
Reduced RiskProduction issues due to SAP changesFewer production issues significantly reduces cost and risk while also improving business process uptime

To massively improve your SAP change management outcomes, automation is critical.

Automating your SAP control processes to  enables IT teams to deliver more applications, more frequently without breaking production.

With purpose-built SAP change management automation software like Rev-Trac, organizations can respond quickly and cost-effectively to constant shifts in business demands and considerably boost their SAP change management outcomes.

How Rev-Trac helps to enhance

SAP change management outcomes

Rev-Trac automates the entire SAP change management process, enabling an end-to-end SAP DevOps toolchain.

Customers have been using Rev-Trac – a Revelation Software Concepts solution – for more than 20 years – to safely and efficiently deliver SAP changes for better business outcomes.

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