Meeting continually changing business demands can be a challenge for SAP IT teams. But it doesn’t have to be. Transforming SAP application delivery is the answer, and automation is crucial to accelerating SAP change without risking production system stability and achieving DevOps goals.

Automation is beneficial for many of the obvious reasons, such as:

  • Removing human time on task
  • Eliminating the potential for human error
  • Streamlining simple (and sometimes complicated) repeatable tasks
  • Having tasks performed by a schedule without the need for human monitoring

Now with the rapid focus on adopting DevOps principles, automation is becoming the center of attention for SAP IT organizations looking to improve their ability to service their business in a faster, safer, and predictable way.

A single, unified approach to SAP DevOps

Rev-Trac works as a workflow-driven DevOps automation platform, allowing organizations to create a workflow process and trigger automation through integration from any of the workflow process steps.

Rev-Trac’s most basic out-of-the-box integration is with SAP’s TMS transaction, which enables the automatic deployment of transports across the landscape when a migration step is approved in the workflow. The need for basis resources to perform deployments and report to users is eliminated, ultimately saving time and freeing up IT teams to focus on innovation.

The more complex out-of-the-box Integrations allows organizations to integrate with advanced SAP toolsets such as Code Inspector, ABAP Test Cockpit, and Solution Manager functions. This enforces the use of the tools at the appropriate time in the SAP application delivery process and ensure companies get ROI from their investment in legacy infrastructure. Integrations are performed within the SAP layer using ABAP code.

With Rev-Trac Platinum, you can also integrate 3rd party tools, including SaaS-based ITSM solutions, code validation tools, impact analysis, test management, and test automation solutions. The bi-directional integration via modernized SOAP and REST APIs enables more SAP change, more frequently at lower costs.

Why use Rev-Trac to fast-track your DevOps journey?

There are many advantages to automating the use of other ALM solutions through integration:

  • Rev-Trac will act as the orchestration layer to ensure that the other solutions are called when required
  • Rev-Trac will enforce the use of the other solutions to ensure that the organization is achieving ROI, and also prevent users bypassing process.
  • Rev-Trac can act as a front end to collect all of the necessary data from the various DevOps toolsets to ensure data is collated in one place.

When configured and integrated appropriately, a well-designed DevOps orchestration process can allow for an organization to depend more on automation to determine suitability for changes to progress into production.