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How do we help with audit and compliance?

Automate SAP change for ultimate efficiency, compliance, and governance

Internal and external audits are a necessary part of business operations, ensuring compliance and the ongoing integrity of your SAP environment. Yet, traditional audit processes can be resource-intensive and disruptive. They often require extensive and prolonged manual effort to source essential documentation records, which can be prone to human error.

Rev-Trac Platinum, the SAP DevOps orchestration platform, makes SAP audits and compliance more manageable. The software enforces consistent change management processes, ensuring every SAP change is compliant and properly documented. It is the central control point for managing SAP changes, automating your workflows to create a single source of truth for all SAP changes. Rev-Trac easily integrates into other solutions such as ServiceNow, Jira, Azure DevOps, and others to synchronize important audit activity in multiple applications.

  • Leverage automation to support compliance and audit reporting
  • Enforce consistent, repeatable processes to ensure compliance
  • Eliminate manual processes to minimize risk and improve system governance
  • Generate a detailed, auditable change log
  • Enhance control and guarantee cross-landscape traceability

Agility meets governance

Rev-Trac Platinum: the SAP DevOps Orchestration Platform

Our software eliminates risky manual tasks, ensures uniform change processes, and documents every SAP change, guaranteeing compliance with your unique requirements and streamlining audit efforts. At the same time, Rev-Trac’s capability to consolidate and orchestrate third-party applications, creating an integrated toolchain, accelerates the delivery of change.