The SAP S/4 HANA clock is ticking. About 50% of SAP customers are planning to transition to S/4 HANA over the next several years, according to recent reports.

Yet, organizations relying on traditional, manual intensive SAP change management severely limit the success of an S/4 HANA transition. Manual tasks can compromise production system stability and cost while making it difficult to transition at the pace your business expects. Automation is crucial to speed up your S/4 HANA transition with confidence and avoid costly unscheduled production system downtime. 

Watch this webinar for valuable insight into how automation can eliminate change delivery risks and limitations to accelerate your S/4 HANA migration.

  • What the key challenges of an S/4 HANA transition are
  • The four principal SAP change management system and process limits
  • How to adopt automation and eliminate these restrictions to accelerate your S/4 HANA transition

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