SAP DevOps is often touted as a cure-all for developing and deploying SAP changes at the speed of business. However, satisfying SAP auditors can apply a brake to your efforts to accelerate SAP change.
Traditionally, SAP audits involve primarily manual processes, which chew up time and resources usually devoted to keeping SAP change moving quickly to production.

The challenge for SAP users is how to eliminate these time-consuming manual efforts (yet, still be compliant) and take advantage of the speed benefits that SAP DevOps offers.

This eBook tackles how Rev-Trac Platinum – an automated SAP change management solution – helps streamline audit efforts and enforce SAP DevOps workflows to accelerate change delivery.

Discover how Rev-Trac ensures that each step in your DevOps workflow is executed and happens at the right time and provides an auditable documented history of every change.

Download this eBook to ensure effortless audits and deliver SAP change at the speed your organization demands.