Operations is an integral part of any DevOps process at any organization. Today, we throw buzzwords around and go to great lengths to streamline our overall change process, development processes, and testing automation. Companies generally strive to integrate their change process with best-of-breed third-party applications like ServiceNow and Jira. Yet, at the center of it all, operations keep the planet spinning.

That is not to say that any other facet of the DevOps process is less valuable. However, operations is generally the backbone, the delivery and deployment engine that makes all the hard work and effort come together. You have wasted time, money, and resources if you can’t safely and reliably deploy what you’ve developed and tested.

Flagship SAP-centric change management products like Rev-Trac Platinum, add volumes to all aspects of the overall change process in any SAP environment. Its robust capabilities give users the confidence to control the overall development process. The software’s invaluable functionalities, which help to accelerate SAP change without risk, include:

  • Extended locking capabilities that will allow for a lock on an object or configuration item at the key level after it has been released from a development system
  • State-of-the-art safety checking routines that automatically execute before a migration to a target system

Enhance your change management process

Trust is paramount when the Change Advisory Board (CAB) meets to determine what will potentially be deployed to production that week. While CAB members are typically not the technical experts, Rev-Trac’s Release Management allows them to see all the changes in real-time and easily move specific changes from one release to another as needed. At any point, Rev-Trac’s extensive safety checks can be executed to analyze the combined contents of the entire release to ensure the integrity of proposed deployment before it happens. A “look before you leap” concept.

Rev-Trac’s integration capabilities with ALM and ITSM tools like ServiceNow, Jira, and Tricentis Tosca give organizations the flexibility to move some of the process approvals out of Rev-Trac and into the third-party platform. The bi-directional integration guarantees that changes without the appropriate ITSM approvals and documentation requirements cannot progress to production until all the approval criteria have been satisfied.

In summary, Ops is the heart and soul of the change process, and leading SAP products like Rev-Trac Platinum, have been perfecting the automated deployment and delivery of SAP change for almost 25 years.

For more information on DevOps orchestration and SAP change automation, feel free to reach out to one of our experts.