MELBOURNE, Australia, September 16, 2020 – Revelation Software Concepts (RSC) today announced it had modernized its change intelligence solution – Rev-Trac Insights – to help SAP IT teams manage transports better.

A suite of new apps provides Basis users real-time visibility into the transport layer, allowing them to pre-empt problems that could threaten Production system stability and blow out costs.

In combination with existing apps, the new transport insights help SAP IT teams manage individual systems’ integrity, no matter how complex their SAP environment.

Chris Drake, Director of Products and Services for Rev-Trac, said users could quickly identify potential sources of Production system issues and fix them before it became expensive to do so.

“The longer it takes to identify an issue, the more it costs an organization in time and resources to resolve the problem,” Mr. Drake said. “Rev-Trac Insights accelerates the investigation process with intelligence which swiftly reveals, for example, if transports are where they should be, in the right order or if any are missing.”

Increased visibility makes life easier

Mr. Drake said the powerful insights can help organizations to manage transports more effectively because it provides better visibility into them than they ever had before.

“Traditionally, organizations manually check sequencing, dependencies, and impact, for example, which is time-consuming, risky, and often performed after an incident has occurred,” he said.

Rev-Trac Insights automates the process providing verification and assurance for transports, allowing them to be migrated with confidence that there will be no negative impact on the target system.”

The suite of new apps includes

  • Migration Workbench – allows users to run ad hoc safety checks on a subset of transports to ensure they will not impact the target system;
  • Chronological – insight into a system/clients transport’s import sequencing history;
  • Propagation – a visual representation of the exact location of every transport across the SAP landscape by system and client;
  • Comparison – discover transports that are in one system/client but not another.

Rev-Trac Insights is sold as a standalone software solution for organizations building and maintaining SAP applications and services. The technology is also integrated for free in RSC’s flagship automated SAP change management platform, Rev-Trac Platinum.

For more information, visit Rev-Trac Insights