SAP Compliance Case Study | NGA Human Resources

SAP Compliance Case Study | NGA Human Resources and Rev-Trac

NGA Human Resources (NGA HR) is a global HR and Payroll Outsourcing leader with offices in 35 countries serving clients across 5 continents. NGA HR maintains over 1000 Cloud and ERP implementations for its customers, which include 20 per cent of global Fortune 500 companies. Driving its services, is an advanced technology infrastructure including NGA HR’s own euHReka software solution – powered by SAP HCM, ServiceNow, proprietary service delivery technologies and BMC. This SAP compliance case study demonstrates the compliance benefits an organisation sees from implementing Rev-Trac into their SAP systems.

Companies, particularly global organizations, expect 100 per cent accuracy and compliance from outsource providers. To continue to grow and scale, NGA HR, needed to resolve a number of key issues with their SAP HCM systems. Too many changes were being initiated but not reaching production, change control processes lacked a level of control and enforcement, and were largely manual. As a result, the risk of system failures increased, and scalability was impossible with so much manual intervention.

Rev-Trac brings control to complex SAP environment

To minimize the risk of unscheduled downtime, NGA HR required controls and processes for their SAP HCM systems that would manage deployments and ensure process enforcement and sequencing.

NGA HR deployed Revelation Software Concepts’ (RSC), Rev-Trac – SAP change control automation software – in 2007, to achieve the level of control and compliance customers demanded.

“Our customers depend on us,” said Jean-Paul Oelfke, NGA HR Product Director of Quality Assurance & Compliance.

“Code must be delivered at the right time and into the right system. With the enormous number of items we deploy, the confidence that Rev-Trac provides is a key contributor to our ability to extend our client base and provide our superior services globally.”

Rev-Trac’s process enforcement capabilities and Overtake and Overwrite Protection (OOPS) function have enabled NGA HR to streamline their operations and administer tight controls. NGA HR customized and configured their SAP change control processes to allow segregation of duties, documentation of mandatory test results, and compliance that any change made in a landscape is tied to an approver.

It has a shared instance and only one Rev-Trac Central for all of its 100 plus BPO customers – some using multiple solutions – to further simplify control.

Utilizing a single workflow strategy, NGA HR had created several Rev-Trac customer exit procedures that took each company’s specific needs into consideration.  All possible approval steps have been configured in a single strategy shared across its entire client base.

“Rev-Trac gives us a lot of flexibility to set it up in a single way,” Mr. Oelfke said. “We could have a strategy by client, but then we’d have 100 plus strategies!”

“Rev-Trac’s enforcement capabilities and OOPS functionalities are invaluable.  Without them, you cannot manage your changes properly. We manage 1,500 transports a week for a variety of different clients. If you look at the volume of changes that go through our SAP HCM & Payroll landscapes – it’s enormous.”

Eliminate excessive manual intervention

With over 50 audits per year across its global client base, OOPS and segregation of duties is key to the company’s SAP HCM change control success.

More than 1,700 worker hours have been eliminated through the prevention of approximately 500 potentially dangerous overtake and/or overwrites per month.

Yet, improvements in change control management and tighter enforcement are not the only benefits of implementing Rev-Trac. NGA HR has also seen massive reductions in cost and more effective compliance procedures.

Since deploying Rev-Trac, the company has increased the volume of SAP changes with fewer people, and less manual intervention. More than 1,700 worker hours have been eliminated through the prevention of approximately 500 potentially dangerous overtake and/or overwrites per month. The Production system is more stable, with unplanned downtime cut dramatically, saving further hours of manual intervention.

In automating its SAP change management process, NGA HR has achieved the level of reliability, control and compliance to both meet demanding customer expectations and goals for growth.