Secure software development must be a priority today. In an era of cyberattacks that can impact everyone, from individuals to corporations and governments, the risks are everywhere.

Applications, systems, and networks are constantly under attack from threats such as malicious code or denial of service.

At the same time, businesses are expected to get software solutions to the market fast, with all the features planned while maintaining a high level of quality.

In this scenario, security can often be an afterthought. Features and checklists drive software application delivery, and solutions are sometimes not developed with security in mind.

Secure software development addressed!

There is no doubt it’s a challenge for software developers to determine which threats and vulnerabilities pose the most significant risk. Yet, it is critical to build secure software.

Here at Revelation Software Concepts (RSC), we take secure software development seriously. It is the foundation of Rev-Trac solutions — Platinum, ONE and Insights.

Our focus is on security as part of the software development process. Addressing secure software development and preventing external threats results in better application quality and mitigation of business risks.

Developers built security into our internal network infrastructure and the procedures and policies governing software application development and use within the business.

Putting security under the spotlight ensures application confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Security must be planned and managed across the entire software development life cycle to prevent cyber-attacks or vulnerabilities that can compromise data, applications and networks.

Under invest in security, and you are likely to end up with severe financial losses and a damaged reputation from the disruption to your daily business.

The quicker and sooner you discover the vulnerabilities in your software development process, the safer your enterprise and your applications will be.

So, how do we better secure our products and systems?

While much of the process involved in application security happens during the development phase, practices are also integrated into the deployment and maintenance of software to strengthen security and regulatory compliance.

Adopting this methodology and activities enable us to protect our internal infrastructure and cost-effectively deliver high-quality, highly secure products to our customers.

Stringent guidelines cover the security of information systems, data networks, product development and the data that is stored, transmitted or processed by those systems and practices.

We have developed and implemented an IT infrastructure designed to align with industry best practice. Simultaneously, Product development procedures line up with CFR Part 11 standards.

Each public release of our software products has been thoroughly evaluated and examined well before shipping to customers.

Potential risks are fixed or mitigated with appropriate and relevant security controls during the software’s development and testing phases.

Our infrastructure includes an off-site system redundancy separate from production.

This guarantees business continuity and that secure software development and support are unaffected in the event of a disaster.

An independent 3rd party provider conducts an annual penetration test on our software and the external perimeter of our network infrastructure.

Any vulnerabilities are analyzed and resolved based on the severity of likelihood, impact and exposure.

For more information, check out our security statement or contact one of our SAP experts.