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Rise in Cloud-based solutions drive changes in transport management

Just before the recent SAPPHIRE conference, SAP quietly announced the “beta” availability of a new Cloud-based Transport Management System which is supposed to be similar to CTS+. Since it’s still in beta, it’s hard to determine exactly how it will work. However, SAP states that it will support a wide variety of content and many different types of target environments.

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Unlocking the value of SAP system change intelligence

As SAP environments grew to meet ever more demands from the business and customers, Revelation Software Concepts (RSC) introduced Rev-Trac Insights for deep visibility into systems of all sizes. The Rev-Trac Insights suite of applications provides change intelligence and insights in SAP custom code and system information.

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Speeding Up The Enterprise

Speeding up the Enterprise

In this webinar, the trending frustration of running with a two-speed SAP IT infrastructure will be discussed along with why SAP DevOps and automated change control orchestration are necessary if a single-speed IT vision is to be achieved.

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Got A Minute? ServiceNow Knowledge18

Whilst talking to our customers at ServiceNow Knowledge18, we learnt that automation, DevOps and speed of delivery are still very relevant. Many of our SAP customer have seen significant productivity gains with ServiceNow.

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Rev-Trac drives Dana Inc.’s SAP automation strategy

To realize its objectives and drive further growth, Dana recognized it needed to improve the stability of its SAP infrastructure landscape. The company acknowledged that automation of its existing SAP change processes was crucial to keeping its systems up and running. Importantly a Release Management strategy would enable it to meet increasing business demands within the ever-growing automotive parts and supply market.

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Florida Power & Light switches on Rev-Trac

In response to increasing challenges, Florida Power & Light realized that its existing change control tools – spreadsheets, manual forms and email – were no longer sufficient. Greater automation of its SAP change control processes were crucial to adapting to the growing demands.

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