Nobody loves an IT audit. They can be expensive to support – in time and Ressourcen. It’s not uncommon for an audit to divert IT staff from regular duties for an extended period. Combine this with control issues or instances where IT personnel have to hunt for information auditors require, and costs can quickly spiral out of control. The problem is that audits are necessary for proper management. Audits detect and correct risks to appropriate governance and provide an accurate assessment of your internal controls, and the reliability of SAP systems’ data. Yet, an IT audit doesn’t have to be painful or costly. If you have maintained complete records and eliminated any threats to their integrity, audits become just another part of the standard IT process. SAP change management automation, like Rev-Trac Platin, is crucial to ease your audit pain and proves controls are in place and working. Automation can help your organization to avoid an expensive system shutdown and improve system governance. Download the whitepaper for insight and tips on what auditors look for and how Rev-Trac Platin can significantly reduce audit effort and costs.